Imagine flying from Sydney to London for the weekend

Flying from Sydney to London in four hours may sound the stuff of science fiction, but one British tech company believes it may soon be a reality.

The makers of a new hypersonic rocket engine say it could whisk flights from London to Sydney in just a fifth of the time it takes now; travelling at five times the speed of sound.

Such a flight would revolutionise global travel.

The BBC quotes Reaction Engines as saying it is gearing up to test the futuristic craft in Colorado.

The company, which has backing from the Rolls-Royce and Boeing, calls the new rocket engine the Sabre. It inhales air at lower altitudes but works more like a rocket when it gets higher up.

There are several press releases about the project - and dozens of news stories that are far too complex for my little brain to understand. Go to to learn more about the Sabre.

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